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More Music Trivia:Meaningful lyrics

Some of the most popular entries to the Eurovision Song contest have including wonderful titles like, Boom Bang-aBang(UK, 1969), A-Ba-Ni-Ba (Israel, 1978), Bana Bana(Turkey, 1989) and Bourn Badaborun(Monaco, 1967).

Jury tampering

In the 1968 event Britain complained that Spain had not voted for their entry (Cliff Richard's Congratulations) to make it lose. In 1966 Scandinavians Sweden & Norway, who finished second & third respectively were accused of teaming up to help each other.

Social Commentary

Norway entered the 1980 competition with a song written about the construction of a hydro-electric power station. Finland, not to be outdone by their Scandanavian neighbours scored nul points in the 1982 competition with a song protesting about the building of a nuclear power station.

Youngsters win votes

The youngest ever winner of the Eurovision Song contest was 13 year old Sandra Kin from Belgium in 1986. A natural result of this was that contestants started to get younger until a furore occured in 1989 with France's 11 year old entry and Israel's 12 year old.

June 2005 Home Owner News and Trivia

Latest fad in housing: Buy, then rent

For rent signs are increasingly showing up in tiny bedroom communities, condos, and exclusive resort areas around the country.

They are one more sign of the magnitude of the real-estate boom in the U.S. Eager to cash in on one of the strongest housing markets in the postwar era, speculators and even average investors are buying homes and renting them out until they decide to sell them at presumably far higher prices.

In some parts of the country, so many rentals are flooding the market that they are depressing monthly rental rates. That's good news for consumers. But it may portend something ominous for the housing market: If too many people decide to rent over buying, it could undercut the booming housing market.

30-yr. mortgage rates hit downward spiral

Rates on 30-year mortgages declined for the seventh time in the past eight weeks, a downward trend that has helped push sales of both new and existing homes to record levels.

It was the seventh decline in the past eight weeks and pushed the 30-year mortgage down to the lowest level since mid-February.

The steady decline in mortgage rates over the past two months has helped spur housing sales to record levels and prompted some economists to revise their forecasts. Many now believe if mortgage rates rise only gradually for the rest of the year that sales of both new and existing homes could surpass last year's levels, which would mean the fifth straight year new sales records have been set.

Home-buyer's credit check, a 4-step plan

Shopping around for the best price is mostly a matter of doing some research, hitting a few stores and sharing info with friends and family.

Here are four steps to success:

- The Credit Check: Get a report from each credit bureau - Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

- The Accuracy Scan: Examine every item on your credit report. Are debts correct and current? Do they truly belong to you?

- The Fix: First, an ugly, yet accurate, credit report can be made over, so don't be tempted by credit repair services that claim any blemish is erasable. There are legitimate companies that provide valuable services to clean up your credit.

The Big Chill: Once your score is where it should be and the loan approval is imminent, keep your credit as clean as possible, especially in the six months leading up to a home purchase.

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